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The Valediction 2.0. A Fable

Додо Magic Bookroom (2015)

Шаши Мартынова

иллюстратор: Дана Сидерос

* Не добываемо

«The Valediction» is a rhymed fable written by publisher and translator Shashi Martynova and illustrated by poet and artist Dana Sideros. May this valediction bless you, too, even if you were born some (long) time ago.

Most probably, you don't have such a book in your collection; text and illustrations are put on a strip of thick durable fabric, so you can wash it, carry it in your pocket or wear it as a scarf.

Shashi wishes to express her deep gratitude to Rock Brynner for his invaluable remarks.

Dimensions: 15x180 cm

Fabric: blackout